Education and Training
2011-2014 – College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales

Solo Exhibitions
2024 - The Space In Between, Curtin House, Melbourne
2023 - Landscape Paintings, Gallery 9, Sydney
2022 - Moving Right Along, Sunday Salon, Melbourne
2021 - reflection of the reeds/route through the park, Gallery 9, Sydney
2018 - Climbing Trees, Gallery 9, Sydney
2017 - Those Guys, Wellington St Projects, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions
2024 - The Waverley Art Prize, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney

2023 - Hazlehurst Art on Paper Award, Hazlehurst Arts Centre, Gymea
Sydney Contemporary w/ Gallery 9, Carriageworks, Sydney
Spring 1883 w/ Gallery 9, Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
Stray Pages Group Show 02, NGBE, Melbourne

2022 - Group Show 03, Abstract Thought Gallery, Sydney
Stray Pages Group Show, NGBE, Melbourne

2021 - Clay Dynasty, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
The Talking Ornament, Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne

2020 - Seanace, Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney

2019 - Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award, Manningham Art Gallery, Melbourne
Pushing the Boundaries, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney

2018 - LifeBlood, Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Sydney  
Teapot Show, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney  
Sgraffito, Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney  
Realtime Stockroom, Down/Under Space, Sydney
It ain’t about how fast you get there, Tributary Projects, Canberra

2017 - Guess Who 2, Wellington Street Projects, Sydney
296d, 296 Darlinghurst Rd, Sydney
Collectors Space, Art Month Sydney

2016 -  S-MILE, Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney
SQ1 @ ARO, ARO Gallery, Sydney
In Residence, The Depot Gallery, Sydney

2014 - Slow Burn, Kudos Gallery, Sydney

2013 - Spin the Table, ADSpace, Sydney

The Powerhouse Museum, Australia
Deakin University
Langford/ Mollison Collection
John McBride Collection
Knowles Collection

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2021- Royal Park Drawings, Artist Book Published by Stray Pages, Melbourne.
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